Choosing the Right DJ

Choosing entertainment is one of the most important decisions a party host or bride and groom will have to make for their party or reception.

The entertainment they choose will either make or break their event, and will set the tempo for the entire affair.

When shopping for entertainment, consider not just the price of the entertainment, but more importantly what you’re getting for that price.

Ask yourself these questions before you plan your next event:

What should I look for in a Professional Disc Jockey?

  • The ability to adapt his or her own personality to fit your event.
  • The ability to play music for every age group, and knowing when to play it.
  • The ability to be coordinate at your event, in which he or she can run all the ceremonies or other special events.
  • The ability to work with the other professionals at your event. Ex: photographers, banquet managers, etc.
  • The ability to have a sound & lighting system big enough and good enough to handle your event, as well with having backup equipment.
  • The ability to provide references and a contract.

Most people view DJs as someone that makes a few announcements and plays music. This creates the belief that all DJs are created from the same mold or fabric. With this mind-set people believe this is an area that they can save money by shopping around for the best price. Countless times people call and ask “how much do you charge?” Not concerned with if the DJ has experience or what they actually offer but just price shopping for the best deal.


Here is a question to ask yourself the next time you are looking for a DJ:

How was the last reception or special occasion I attended?

two primary answers follow:

  • “It was great, we had a really good time!”


  • “It was horrible!”

Now let’s break this down, how many times have you ever heard anyone mention that the food was horrible or the décor was the worst? A large portion of the success to your reception is in the hands of your entertainment, the DJ will execute the order of pre-planned events that you would like leaving the outcome of your reception in the DJ’s hands to either be successful or not.

It has been proven time and time again that the entertainment you select for your reception or special occasion is responsible for 80% of the memories you will have for the rest of your life about that special occasion.


Here are some common comments you may have heard:

  • The DJ showed up late or didn’t show up at all.
  • They didn’t play what I asked them to play.
  • The DJ played music I specifically asked them not to play.
  • The DJ that showed up we never met or even knew their name until they introduced themselves.
  • Their equipment sounded horrible, we could not understand the DJ and people could not hear in the back of the room.


We could go on and on, unfortunately, but we will save you the time. Brides and Grooms will spend thousands of dollars on the location of their reception, food, beverages and décor but will cut corners on their entertainment.